If we, at Tilkens Fruit B.V.B.A., want to guarantee our customers top quality products then we must not only ensure that the greatest care is taken with the cultivation and processing, but also with the packaging.

It is for this reason that we have opted to package our fruit products ourselves. Our machinery ensures top quality, optimum packaging.

We also have fully automatic labelling of apples and pears.

Below, you can see photos showing how our delicious apples are packed into three kilo bags

fig1 fig2

Firstly, our apples are carefully removed from the crates (fig. 1) and then washed (fig. 2).

fig3 fig4

The apples are then taken to be dried (fig. 3&4).

fig5 fig6

After drying, the apples go to the measuring machine where their dimensions are checked (fig. 5&6).

fig7 fig8

Once the machine knows the dimension of the apple, it is placed at a specific location (fig. 7). When the system has collected 3 kilos of apples they are then packed into a bag (fig. 8&9).

fig9 fig10

Apples that do not fulfil the required dimensions are then carefully put back into a crate at the end of the conveyor belt.